Free global gathering with Noetic Science. Train your wellbeing.

Noetic Science håller world gathering nu den 23/3 för alla som vill delta. Anmäl här.

I en värld där vi just nu isoleras från verandra är det bra att påminna oss om vi har många sätt vi är förbundna på. Och vilka möjligheter vi har för att påverka vårt vällmående och vår fysiska hälsa igenom inre fokus, istället för vår utsatthet.

IONS research from the last 47 years points to the idea that we are all interconnected at the deepest levels of reality, and that by embodying an awareness of this interconnection we can access energy and information that can provide crucial insights, innovation, and solutions.

Please join us next week for two very special free online events in which we explore how to navigate the challenges of today from a noetic perspective. Start your week with a Noetic Global Gathering on Monday, and wrap it up with a special edition of ConnectIONS Live on Friday!

A Special Noetic Global Gathering
Harvesting Noetic Wisdom in Challenging Times
Monday, March 23rd11:00 am – 12:15 pm Pacific Daylight Time
Join like-minded peers from around the world in an interactive conversation focused on noetic practices that can support us in our daily lives. We’ll orient the conversation with an overview of the practical implications of the noetic, deepen our experience with a noetic practice designed just for this gathering, and share in small groups before harvesting our collective wisdom. We all have inner resources that foster resilience and insight — come to share the noetic tools you find most useful at this moment in time.
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ConnectIONS Live: Noetic Wisdom Series
Noetic Approaches to Health & Wellbeing
Friday, March 27th11 am – 12:15 pm Pacific Daylight Time
Please join us as we swing open the doors for ConnectIONS Live! Normally available to IONS members, we are making this special series on noetic wisdom available to all who are interested. Moderated by CEO Claire Lachance, our first installment features members of our research team who will share their insights and offer perspectives on inner tools that can support physical, emotional, and mental health — especially in times of uncertainty. There will be ample time to ask questions so bring your inquisitive mind!
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